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GOP Hypocrisy: Republicans Deny VA Funding, Then Blame Obama For VA Issues


This past February, in their typical approach to “governing” while President Obama is in the White House, GOP Senators first voted unanimously to consider a bill that would have significantly expanded the Veterans Administration’s ability to do its job…then filibustered the bill when highly controversial amendments they insisted must be attached to it were not allowed. GOP Senators then killed the bill ...

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GOP Fails Again! Despite Best Efforts to Derail Economy, 288K Jobs Added in April

Image: Goldnewsweekly.com

Beginning with Mitch McConnell’s proclamation after President Obama’s first election that “our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term,” Republicans in the House and Senate have been the party of “NO!,” culminating in the government shutdown in late 2013 that cost the economy $24 billion and tens of thousands of jobs. ...

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Ted Cruz Lies AGAIN About His Role in Shutting Down the Government (Video)

cruz liar

It’s been said that if you repeat the same lie over and over and over again, it eventually becomes the truth in people’s eyes. It’s pretty obvious that Ted Cruz (R-Baldfacedliar) believes it, because once again, he’s repeating the same lie that he keeps repeating in order to save face over his miserable failure to repeal Obamacare. On Sunday, Cruz ...

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Republican Bullies Demand More


Now is the time to lance the boil of Republican extremism once and for all. Since Barack Obama became president, the extremists who have taken over the Republican Party have escalated their demands every time he’s caved, using the entire government…

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Jon Stewart On Republicans In Congress: ‘They’re Willing To Let People Lose Their Government Paycheck So That They Don’t Lose Their Government Paycheck.’

On last night’s The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart broke down the days events surrounding the government shutdown which included Sen. Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) clumsy attempt to make a point with a huge fake credit card and Sen. Mike Lee’s (R-UT) pitiful analogy about his opposition to the ACA. He said it was like going to a grocery store and ...

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Alan Grayson Compares Congress To Dog Poop (Video)

grayson congress dog poop

On Tuesday Alan Grayson managed to get himself shut down by Congress, but not before he read a random list of things that, according to recent polls, are more popular than Congress, including dog poop. Grayson cited the recent poll numbers while observing that “the dignity of the House had been called into question” by the current Republican actions that ...

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Outrage: The Families Of Fallen U.S. Soldiers Denied Death Benefits Amid Shutdown (Video)


Pictured above are the four soldiers killed in Afghanistan on Sunday. Cody J. Patterson, 24, of Philomath, Ore.; Patrick C. Hawkins, 25, of Carlisle, Pa.; 1st Lt. Jennifer M. Moreno, 25, of San Diego, Calif., and Sgt. Joseph M. Peters, 24, of Springfield, Mo. On Wednesday, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel will arrive at Dover Air Force Base to attend ...

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Bernie Sanders: Shutdown Was Planned By The Koch Brothers

bernie sanders koch brother shutdown

Is it any surprise the Koch brother’s fingerprints are all over this government shutdown? Not to Bernie Sanders, who appeared on MSNBC Tuesday afternoon to make the claim that the shutdown was manufactured by those who stand to gain the most by tearing down the government and destroying what they see as red tape bureaucracy that must be eliminated so ...

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Colbert Unveils ‘Not a Game: The Government Shutdown Home Game’ Board Game (Video)

colbert not a game

The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive Colbert outdid himself on Monday night when he introduced a new board came called, “Not a Game: The Government Shutdown Home Game.”  And why not, since Republicans who keep refusing to end the shutdown keep reminding us that ‘this is not a game.’ This one is too good to give ...

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Watch Anderson Cooper Destroy Tea Party Twit Raul Labrador (Video)

anderson cooper labrador

Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 Monday night to state his case for why the continuing resolution holdout by Republicans is justified. It’s fair to say the interview did not go well for Labrador. After a strange attempt by Labrador to draw an analogy between Anderson negotiating a contract extension with CNN and the Republicans attempting to ...

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