Seriously? Dallas Gunbilly Group Invades Chipotle With Assault Weapons Because They Can

We get it: Texans love their guns, some arguably to a fault. The high-falutin’, gun-slingin’ numbnuts of Open Carry Tarrant County embarked on a new target Saturday afternoon when they invaded a Dallas Chipotle restaurant. The “demonstration” consisted of the heavily armed mob creating a scene at the Mexican restaurant where diners tried to enjoy their meals in peace. Apparently, making the general public uncomfortable is the only way these guys operate.

OCTC is no stranger to the spotlight, as they manage to pound the media with bad publicity. These bullies with guns want to defend their Second Amendment right to bear arms, but they’re going about it the wrong way. Their motto, “a right unexercised is a right lost,” is a little far-fetched. My right to bear arms is certainly not lost to me because I choose not to own a gun. What these gun-rights extremists don’t seem to understand is that people do not appreciate being surrounded by armed men. It’s unsettling, especially since they arrive in large groups, heavily armed with no warning or identification.

OCTC were recently severed from their parent organization Open Carry Texas for violating the group’s demonstration policy; a policy meant to set local law enforcement and the public at ease. The group terrorized employees at a Jack-In-The-Box restaurant a little over a week ago, where police were called by scared employees who hid in a walk in freezer when the heavily armed group stormed the place. Both groups dispute this claim, but it was enough for OTC to cut ties with the errant group.


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  • Debra Winfield Smithers

    I too live in Texas. They are very lucky someone didn’t walk out to their pickup, take out their deer rifle and shoot them! Freaking jerks. Always insisting someone is taking their rights away. They just come off looking like idiots.

  • chrislib

    1787, there was a standing army to fight invaders. (Think: Redcoats.
    Twice.) The
    Second Amendment was a compromise at the Constitutional Convention that
    prevented secession by the slave states, and therefore garnered their
    ratification of the Constitution. It
    placated the slave states, allowing them to keep militias to prevent
    and/or put down slave revolts. Period. (It had nothing to do with
    “tyranny” or “the gubmnt.”) Everything else is NRA and
    vast, right-wing conspiracy horseshit. Believe history, or believe
    horseshit. The choice is yours.

    • Mandy Gagliardi

      OMG someone else with a brain!!! THANK YOU!!!!

    • Rebecca Clarkson

      I went on line to double check your facts and numerous articles popped up verifying this. I live in Atlanta and the area that surrounds me is called Georgia (being sarcastic because once you get out of Atlanta, it is like stepping back into a time period that just needs to go away). A large portion of the Georgia population is gun happy, bigoted, conservative and religious. I guess I could have saved time and described them as Republicans.

      Knowing that the Second Amendment was put in place to keep slaves in line make me despise these gun nuts even more. Georgia just passed gun laws that allow people to carry guns pretty much any where, even in our airport! My concern is, racism is thriving in Georgia and now we have a bunch of red necks running around with loaded guns. I will be curious to see how many stand your ground murders will take place over the next year, as well as, how many drunk shootings will take place.

      Thank you for educating me on the origins of the Second Amendment. I look forward to using that fact the next time I have a debate with a gun nut.

      • Bold Counselor Marine

        You must really hate your racist self.. since it was liberal democrats that created the KKK.. lol

    • Johnrambo1

      I blame the extremist wing of the left for forcing out all these people. If it wasn’t for the fringe left trying to regulate and ban everything these people would keep to their gun ranges. You want to blame someone? Blame yourselves and your extremist control freak politics that are alienating the rest of us REAL liberals and storing up the wing nuts.

    • Hank Terrebrood

      You are full of shit chris the liberal.

      The second amendment was created to mirror the 1689 English Bill of Rights which forbade the government from disarming the population. FACT.

      If the rest of you want to separate liberal bullshit from fact, lookup the analysis of the second amendment as discussed in the 2008 Supreme Court position on the same and repeal of Washington D.C.’s unconstitutional law preventing individual ownership of firearms. That is 2008, District of Columbia v. Heller which went to the Supreme Court.

      The two largest slave rebellions had happened 30 and 60 years before the second amendment and one of the two was in New York, not the south.

      If you want a non-governmental review of the second amendment, go to your local or online library and find 1987 Journal of Law & Politics and read David Hardy’s review. In it he quotes discussion papers from the founding fathers and uses entire sections whereby both individual and state/country defense are discussed: defense for themselves and as members of the militia.
      Lastly, he addressed the ill-educated, liberal theories of use to put down slave rebellions by pointing to the founding father’s specific ideas of arms for “use not for the defense of slavery but of liberty.”

    • Bri

      I suggest you read the federalist papers…

      “but if circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while there is a large body of citizens, little, if at all, inferior to them in discipline and the use of arms, who stand ready to defend their own rights and those of their fellow-citizens. This appears to me the only substitute that can be devised for a standing army, and the best possible security against it, if it should exist.”

  • Sharon Williams

    I believe in the right to conceal and carry and the rights to own guns.. but these idiots and their scare tactics are extreme and people like them make it bad on the rest of us… grow the f**k up… seriously. . If you think this is the way to get your point across your ten gallon hat needs to read “I am a Moran” across the brim…

    • Gabriel Thompson

      Yes, they rightfully make all pro gun rights folks look bad and it is up to no one else but the gun rights community to actively stand up to these people. God knows they won’t listen to anyone else. I WILL paint the entire gun rights community with a broad stroke for every one of these instances just as I assume they will paint gun control advocates as ‘Murica-hating liberals. The only difference is the most passionate gun control advocates are those who lost innocent lives by the hand of irresponsible gun owners while the most passionate gun rights advocates are shown above. I hope this is starting to sink in: responsible gun owner’s views are not being represented because they don’t call out the NRA or the loonies above w/o any kind of urgency.

  • George Lacy

    I get it. They’re Proving the point that President Obama has NOT taken their guns away. So…. what else is new? So what freedoms do they claim to have lost?

    • Betsy Warren

      I just feel sorry for all the parents of non gun nuts who come across these idiots with little kids and then have to explain, “Mommy why do they have guns?” “Daddy those men with guns scare me…”

  • Grand1

    I am rooting for them. Eventually, they will get drunk and shoot each other. Live by the gun. Die by the gun.

    • Johnrambo1

      So liberal to wish death on people who disagree with us…loser

  • Finnsmom1

    Until regular citizens walk out of ever establishment these Hillbillies walk into, this will only become more common.

  • manfromnc

    What it will take is one of the a-holes to accidentally (or on purpose) shoot someone in one of these places. I believe everyone has a right to own a gun. I just don’t think everyone should. Especially people like these numb-nuts!!

  • Betsy Warren

    You want the right to carry that’s just fine. I still don’t know why you NEED an assault weapon on your person at all times, but whatever. Most people say to keep yourselves and families safe. Okay, and that’s fine. Here’s the flip side. All you people running around with your guns are also making quite a lot of perfectly normal decent human beings EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Ever think how this looks to parents walking down the street with little kids? Ever think how much this might scare kids? You know what? You do have the right to carry and that is just fine. But doing stupid arse stuff like this just marks you as an @ $ $ hole! Have some respect for others feelings while you’re whining about respect for those guns!

  • LiberalTimeLord

    There use to be a time when people carrying guns like this in the public would be arrested. There used to be a time where anyone carrying a assault weapon in a public place would be taken down by the police!


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  • Guest

    I have never seen one photo of these nuts that look like they have an IQ over 60. seriously. these people are terrifying. Remember when seeing assault rifles on everyone walking down a street meant you were looking at a photo of a banana republic beset with drug cartels, and you felt so glad you’d been born in the US? The guys in those photos, looked a lot smarter than these guys.

  • Travelmate

    These nuts look terrifyingly stupid in every single photo I’ve ever seen of them. Remember when americans were proud that no one had to arm themselves to walk around? Remember when seeing assault rifles on everyone walking down a street meant you were looking at a photo of a banana republic beset with drug cartels? The guys in those photos, looked a lot smarter than these guys. At least they didn’t live in a safe country but want to pretend they lived in third world loserville.

  • Johnrambo1

    Who cares? Fundamentalist liberals are so annoying.

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  • Angela Monger

    I won’t be eating there.

  • Liberal_CA

    Forget it, they aren’t listening. America loves death

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  • John Lev

    OK. I’m pro-2nd. I own guns. I even have a CCW and do carry. However, I DON’T understand the mindset of carrying a semi-auto rifle into a store. I DON’T understand the mindset of people who WANT to open carry in public. Why would you WANT that attention???? I’ve noticed a shift in the gun culture from when I was growing up in the 80’s. Gun shows back then mostly consisted of hunting and collector variety of firearms and gear. Nowadays, the last couple shows I’ve been too since I rarely go, the focus seems to be on “tactical” / para-military firearms and gear. I just don’t get it.

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  • Snakz Anonz

    What did you people think would happen if you try to take away there gun rights? That they will sit back and do nothing? Now they are showing u there rights showing u how many there is.

    Let me say this drug kingpins are coming to Texas and putting fear into the cops so they open carry people who love there freedom will and up being the only ones to save ur sorry as cops can be paid off or be scard to death. Freedom fighters are harder to scard they don’t follow the same rules cops

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