Oklahoma Tea Party Candidate Calls For Homosexuals To Be Stoned To Death! (Video)

In what may be a new low for either a current or aspiring politician, a candidate for Oklahoma House of Representatives made some rather disturbing revelations on Facebook and in an interview with the Moore, Oklahoma newspaper.

Meet Scott Esk, Tea Party candidate for Oklahoma State House District 91. Esk, on his political website, believes that our rights come from God, and not from government, and is a big proponent of state rights. And he offers the usual Tea Party Republican platform, being 100% pro-gun, pro-family, pro-life and desiring lower taxes.

Sounds fairly normal so far, right? Well, normal for Republicans these days.

Did we mention yet what his views are about homosexuals?

To say that his views about homosexuals are extreme doesn’t do it justice. This is barbaric, Third World stuff, folks. Brace yourselves…

It all started with a Facebook conversation Esk was involved in along with someone named Alan Bates, presumably a friend of Esk’s. Bates posted a link to an article about Pope Francis, headlined “Pope: Who am I to judge gay people?” This led to a discussion between Bates, Esk, and a few others, of which the screen shot is posted below:

Scott Esk Facebook 1

As you can see, Esk started throwing out Bible verses. The same ones that supposed Christians looking to justify their hatred for homosexuals always do. When Esk quoted Leviticus 20:13 from the Old Testament of the Bible, one can see where he might be headed…

Scott Esk Facebook 2

We’re sure you caught it, but Esk first claims that Leviticus 20:13 gives people the right to judge others, and goes on to claim that it is man’s role to put others to death for atrocities such as homosexuality. Then he goes on to claim that if we don’t start killing off homosexuals that God may send a series of “calamities” to nations who do not. So, in other words, every time there is a natural disaster, Esk has given himself the right to claim that it’s because we don’t follow an Old Testament Bible verse and stone gays and lesbians to death.

Jerry Falwell would be SO proud of this man.

And then it gets worse. Bates asks Esk if he indeed believes that homosexuals should be put to death, and he responds, “I think we would totally be in the right to do it.”

And there it is, folks. The hateful, bigoted, and barbaric belief system of a so-called Christian. A man who actually could win public office in the state of Oklahoma.

But, this is Facebook, right? Every day, people say stupid things on social media that they end up apologizing for, Surely, Esk doesn’t really mean it when he says that the entire LGBT community should be lined up and stoned to death by loving Christians so as to save our entire nation from God’s wrath. Right?

Well, apparently Esk meant every word of what he said, according to a video report from the Moore, Oklahoma newspaper, which you can listen to here.

When asked if he really believed that homosexuals should be stoned to death, Esk responded that because it was done in the Old Testament, and it “came from God,” it must be A-OK.

He also said that while he has no plans to introduce a law making it legal to stone homosexuals to death in Oklahoma (whew!), he has serious “moral misgivings” about that particular sin.

Wonder how he feels about people eating pork?

And when pressed further, Esk admitted that he would not have a problem with a law that would make it legal to stone homosexuals to death.


If the above revelations aren’t enough reason to despise Scott Esk, here’s another one… In a post on his Facebook page made on November 26th, 2013, Esk described the time he called 911 because he saw a large group of Hispanics gathered outside of a shopping mall. No crime was being committed, except that Esk merely believed that many of them were illegal aliens because, you know, they were Hispanic and all.

Thankfully, he was taken to the woodshed in the comments below his post, but this incident further solidified his credentials as a grade A douchebag.

Watch a local news report from KFOR.

About Dan Simpson

Dan Simpson is a liberal political blogger who has written for various websites and is the co-founder of Firebrand Progressives.
  • obadiahorthodox

    I just looked at his FB page, nothing about homosexuality on there, either the article is lying or he took it off.

    • Ross Archer

      He took it off.

    • Ross Archer

      Even far right whack-a-doodles recognize when everyone’s laughing at their asinine position. He figured it out (to his minor credit) and took it down.

    • uhhuhh

      So you think it is acceptable for conservative Christians to advocate killing gays? Yes or no?

      • Jasper Taylor

        I think it is such a great idea — it’s like Sharia law but without the fussiness of the koran. And stoning seems so exciting for Americans, so barbarics, but like, in a cool new way. We could charge tickets for the stonings and use the money from that to buy guns to equip our pre-teen children in case their school gets shot up. In short, I’m so hopeful that the Republicans gain more power so we can al experience this bright new future of theocratic excellence!

        • Sage

          Well then let be be the first to say, should one gay person be stoned to death in this country, then it would be my pleasure to hunt you down and gut you like the pig you are.

          • chair jackson

            sage: i think jasper was being sarcastic…

          • Sage

            yes, I am sure the germans where trading baking tips.

      • Sage


    • Ray Grandon

      The story is in The Miami Herald on 12/2/2010 about ibises birds turning gay when exposed to mercury.

  • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

    Some nobody from nowhere. But you won’t say anything about muslims. You know, the ones who actually DO put gays to death.

    • uhhuhh

      So you think it is acceptable for conservative Christians to advocate killing gays? Yes or no?

      • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

        Oh yes of course. they should all be summarily rounded up and executed for their debauchery. Dummy.

        • toni levit

          People might pay more attention to you if you did not sound like a 10 year old. Have you ever learned the rules of a good debate.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            There is no debating with you people, that’s the problem. You all wear blinders. God forbid a person have a different opinion without having to post links to the whole internet and Library of Congress to verify everything they say.

    • mamajane

      First, this article is about an American Christian, and we’re discussing his use of the Christian Bible to justify his own abhorrent views. Were this an article about a Muslim candidate using the Koran to justify similarly abhorrent views, rest assured we’d be speaking out against that too. I just love it when the Christian trolls roll in to cry Christian persecution by us heartless, godless liberals. We’re in America, where it is still illegal to murder someone for being gay, no matter the religious “justification”. Anyone who murders another human, be they Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Pastafarian, etc., is subject to the same laws. Despite popular rwnj fantasy, sharia law is not the law of the land here.

      • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

        It’s about someone who refers to themselves as a Christian. Of course you know the majority of Christians also share this view.

        • Fox

          I do not believe that anywhere close to a majority of Christians share this view, but cognitive dissonance is another thing entirely…

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            Are you a Christian Fox?

        • 4boysmom

          I consider myself to be a Christian and my views are not even close to this! This guy like a majority of these tea baggers are disgusting vile human beings hiding behind religion. They make me sick! If anyone is going to hell it will be them not someone who happens to fall in love with see omeone of the same gender.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            turn off MSNBC and Comedy Central.

        • MilitantRubberDucky

          It’s about someone running as a U.S. Congressman spouting these views. It’s about someone who would hold an active role in creating the laws of this country, who would lobby on behalf of members of their district, who would entertain lobbyists. This is dangerous hate speak and should not be tolerated. Show me the Muslim political candidate with these public views, and I will do my best to ensure they too don’t get a position of political power.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            You’re an imbecile.

          • MilitantRubberDucky

            Oh no! A weak insult because you can’t argue like an adult?! You wound me, sir.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0


          • toni levit

            How old are you?

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            This information would be relevant because?

          • Carmelita Spats

            You’re a shit salesman with a mouthful of samples.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            Mind if I borrow that one? I’ve never heard that insult before.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            communist scum

        • Sage

          so have you killed any first born children lately. christian.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            Derr derr derr drrr derr derr

          • Karma_Hitman

            Oh your homer simpson.
            I thought I recognized your general ignorance and lack of common knowledge. But to answer your question, Muslims or islam is the not predominant power in this country, or like gay people they would put you to death as well.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0


          • Karma_Hitman

            I see your Icon is a self portrait.
            How long have you molested your pets Ferdinand?

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            I do not find myself sexually aroused by animals. Nor have I ever engaged in an act of bestiality. Perhaps you are projecting?

          • Sage

            The closest I have come to doing an animal was your sister.
            You dad traded her to me for two goats, like the bible says

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            That is very obscene. Not surprising that it came from a sick mind such as yours apparently.

          • Karma_Hitman

            oh so it is your pets molesting you, my bad.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            Earth to Karma_Sh*tman : Not everyone’s mind is consumed with acts of deviant sex. That may be difficult for you to accept I know.

          • Karma_Hitman

            Says the guy, with an Icon of a man costumed like a panda,
            Yea right. You are the kinda guy that make the sheep nervous.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            I stand for human rights, the panda avatar is appropriate. Your avatar is the type I would expect from a juvenile mentality. Given the tone of your comments, I suspect I’m not far off. Grow up son, and get that chip off your shoulder.

          • Sage

            1. My words only have the power you give them, so you can only blame your self, if they have bothered you in any manner whatsoever.

            2. You say you stand for human rights, that is not a bad thing in its self, however the panda thing “stands for human rights” well you lost me there, not your fault, it is mine. but that is beside the point.

            3. My icon was created to cause as much visual disruption to any christian (or variations of) I come across as possible, and I assure you it does. I am their natural enemy because I think for my self. I have others for the other religions.
            All the good and bad that I do, is my own creation not some mental defect that causes one to believe in a god or a devil. Religions are soaked in the blood of their victims.

            4. You act the victim, you always will be, unless you decide other wise. The human race is doomed on this planet, it has damaged it, beyond it’s ability to repair the damage it has done. You say you stand for human rights.
            I find that odd that humans have done very little right and are in fact killing their mother.

            5. I test people to see how elastic and agile their minds are, then I cultivate the one who pass. Sorry to say you are not one, you allowed the conversation to guide you instead of guiding the conversation, so this will be the last of the conversation I have with you, on my part, you may reply however, whatever, you say will fall on blind eyes.

            Maybe one day thou will mature, but I fear it will be to late.

            Have a good day.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            Short version: troll

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            The closest I have come to doing an animal was your sister.
            You dad traded her to me for two goats, like the bible says

          • Sage

            Oh you poor slit, you have my sympathies. I don’t have a sister

            It must if been your sister.
            Eeewwwwww you are a goat licking sister focker.
            I bet you suck off dogs as well.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            i dont have a sister, it must have been your father.

      • toni levit

        Thanks for a great post,mamajane

        • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

          Hypocritical as it was. Leftists love comfortable lies.

          • Carmelita Spats

            Leftists? What about libertarians who are NOT Jeeezus-addled bleeding heart conservatives on the Rapture Ready list?

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            Apparently you do too then. Sorry for your luck. I know libertarians who I respect very highly. I suspect you would not be one of them.

    • http://Www.theirishatheist.wordpress.com/ The Irish Atheist

      I grew up in Ireland during the Troubles. You think Christians don’t slaughter people who believe differently than they do?

    • Smithbc

      This “nobody from nowhere” is running for public office. Do you know of any Muslims in America who are running for or hold office that has spouted the same BS? If so, by all means let us know, I would love for anybody who holds this archaic, sad view to be publicly humiliated for their thoughtless, evil, anti-human, anti-American, anti-liberty views.

      • toni levit

        I do not care what the religion this guy is he is off his rocker.

    • Sage

      oh look a Lilly liver christain screaming what about them muslims.
      my lion needs feeding.

      • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

        oo look a brave atheist speaking up on an atheistic website. I salute you.

        • Jody Bennett

          You, sir, are doing a particularly excellent job of making yourself look rather an ass.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            Not hard with you intolerant lot.

          • Jody Bennett

            Intolerant? Yes, I am intolerant of the view that stoning gay people to death is a good idea, and that this following of the scripture would in fact lessen God’s wrath upon us.

            You called someone “stupid” on this thread because you disagreed with their comment. Is this an example of your tolerance?

            I have to admit that calling you an ass falls into the same category. And for that I do apologize.

            I just felt that your comments were rather flippant and that you were just trying to “poke the bear”, as it were, rather than attempting to engage in an intelligent dialogue. I’m sure we are all guilty of this at times.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0


          • Jody Bennett

            You are a man of few words, Ferdinand. I would argue that life is not so black and white. But I cannot see this conversation going anywhere productive. I wish you well.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            I would say the same thing, but I’m no progressive. When you identify with an ideology you wear it’s badge. Good and bad. That’s why I’m a fascist. (sarcasm)

          • Jody Bennett

            Disagree. Good day sir.

        • toni levit

          I have a feeling you need to get help, quickly. If you truly feel this way and are not just an annoying troll then please take your comments to a hospital. How could stoning anyone be appealing to you.

        • Sage

          please reinsert your head up your buTTT we can still hear you talking. Thanks have a wonderful gay day.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            I didn’t take your advice about inserting anything anywhere, but my day was pleasant none the less. Thank you.

    • FreakOfNurture

      Is there one with these positions running for office that we should be aware of?

    • RTTR

      I would not vote for anyone who supported putting gays to death, regardless of their religion.

  • haeleyd

    I don’t understand why he is so worried about religion. He is a ginger, he doesn’t have a soul to worry about.

    • Cori Wolvesbane

      if he has freckles he does, everyone knows that gingers gain freckles for every soul they steal

      • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/kimberlyknight/ Kimberly

        Oooo, so what does it mean that I have lost some freckles over time? ;)

        • TrainAss

          Someone’s been sealing your haul.

      • haeleyd

        My dad is a ginger- I feel even better about him not having freckles now :)

  • Daniel Arias

    Here’s the pricks personal email scottesk@juno.com

    • MilitantRubberDucky

      Juno? That explains a lot.

  • David Ewers

    It amazes me that Christians always seem to remember that one part of Leviticus, bit ignore Leviticus 20:10. Which says

    If a man commits adultery
    with another man’s wife, that is, with the wife of a fellow countryman,
    both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death

    That would certainly cut down the voters

    • Bob_Barnes

      And the candidates.

      • Zenster

        I don’t know about the adultery thing cutting down candidates. Usually they are closeted homosexuals. So their own laws on the other hand…

        • Thorvington Finglethorpe

          Adultery still counts when you commit it with a member of the same sex. Don’t think so? Ask your wife if it’s okay for you to blow the next guy you see.

          • Zenster

            It was more a joke considering bible literalists. The verse talks about having sex with women, not men. :P

          • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson


            Have you ever done that? Ask your wife that, I mean.

    • chair jackson

      they also forget romans 2:1–when you judge someone for something you are considered to be guilty of the same thing.

      • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson

        Now that the Christ has returned, “Everyone is judged according(74) to their actions.” – Rev 20:12-13.

    • Joe Eads

      That should be some Christians.. I am a Christian that supports gay marriage and their rights. Personally as a Christian I think the minute a politician claims a religion they should be disqualified from running for office. I believe that much in separation of church and state!

      • TrainAss

        Up here in Canada, we just call that Marriage. I don’t know why you Americans need to put such funny labels on things.

        • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson

          How is ‘gay marriage’ a funny label? Canuks can be such hosers.

      • Stephen Odom

        I am a spiritual atheist, but it reassures me to hear there are people out there like you.

        • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson

          “Spiritual atheist?” That’s on the contradiction page next to Jewish Nazis, KKK Christians, and “Compassionate Republicans”; right?

      • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson


        I’ve imitated Jesus son of Joseph since I was a child and was taught to do so in Sunday school. Therefore, I AM a liberal Democrat believing in a balanced-budget accomplished by taxing the rich more.

        You’ve misinterpreted the “separation of church and state”. On July 3, 1776, George III was king of the British colonies in America and head of the churches here, especially the Church of England. After the Declaration was signed the next day (only by John Hancock and attested by Charles Thomson), the ‘Episcopal Church’ in Philadelphia conducted the mass for the first time without mentioning the British king.

        In the US, the different houses-of-worship are governed by themselves without any state involvement. Atheists have tried to promote their religious beliefs by aggressively trying to extract any mention of GOD by government officials. This is NOT an example of separation of church and state, nor is the 5%+ atheist population an example of majority rule.

        Atheist Darwinian evolution is incorrect, yet its proponents are aggressive fundamentalists who are unwilling to even hear any conflicting scientific data. What hypocrites! GOD-guided evolution including reincarnation, intelligent design, sudden catastrophes, ‘appearance of random mutations’, panspermia and extraterrestrial intervention.

    • StevesWeb

      Much to your point I have made a series of websites to remind Christians that God Hates lots of things. One might google God Hates along with one of the following words or phrases; barbers, brats, crustaceans, mixed fibers, pork, vaginas.

      • Helen in Ireland

        And figs. God hates figs.

        • Gigi

          God Hates Bags.

          • Marc Caggiano

            God Hates Nags.

        • Thorvington Finglethorpe

          Me too. Especially Fig Newtons. Give me the runs. Yuck.

      • Stephen Odom

        Technically, the old testament was “revoked” once “Jesus” was crucified on the cross. Crucifixion -> forgiveness

        • David Ewers

          Say What! And you pulled that out of what orifice? You just now insulted every jew on the face of the earth.

      • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson

        Steve (St Eve and name of the first Christian martyr),

        God hates nothing and you need to STOP spreading lies! Of course, everyone has free-will. However, now that the Christ has returned, “Everyone is judged according(74) to their actions.” – Rev 20:12-13

        • StevesWeb

          Of course God would have to exist before She could hate anything, so, yeah, you’re right. The non-existence of God pretty much assures us that She does not hate anything.

    • Gigi

      It doesn’t amaze me. It makes perfect sense. They’re hypocrites. They also ignore this verse (among others) — “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because YOU WHO PASS JUDGMENT DO THE SAME THINGS.” (Romans 2:1)

      • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/kimberlyknight/ Kimberly

        We are not all that way. I am a queer Christian working for justice and equality because of my faith. Sure, the asshats get all the attention and there are a crap-ton of them but we are not all like that :)

        • Gigi

          Sorry. Of course. I know that Kimberly but it is worth repeating. Not all Christians are like that. :)

          • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/kimberlyknight/ Kimberly

            I am tryin’ like hell to get it right :)

          • SmarterThanGlennBeck

            In so much as you’re capable, emulate Christ’s actions toward people as depicted in the 4 gospels and you will do just fine. This is where “Christians” fall flat on their faces. They choose to revert back to the “Old ways”. Christ was all about love and kindness. If all “Christians” focused all their Bible reading attention to those 4 documents there would be a lot less issues coming from those professing to be “Christians”!

          • Skyhollower

            What do you call people, who believe in and apparently follow old testament teachings and not new testament?

          • SmarterThanGlennBeck

            Not Christians. If a person does not follow the teachings of Christ (which are only found in the New Testament) they can not be a CHRISTian. They are followers of the old jewish traditions and laws.

          • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson

            Correct. The term ‘Christian’ originated by those who saw the Messianic-Jews and Gentiles imitating the ‘Christos’. The concept of one being a ‘Christian’ just because they believe in Jesus the Christ, yet they can sin as much as they want and still go to heaven when they die has now been trumped by the Christ returning and “Everyone is judged according(74) to their actions” – Rev 20:12-13.

          • SmarterThanGlennBeck

            The bottom line is, once accepting Christ it also follows that one would want to be Christ like, emulating him to the best of your ability. I don’t think the intention was ever that a person would accept Christ and continue to do bad deeds. Christ’s main message was one of love not hate or degradation. People claiming to be Christians but do not actually follow his example are liars. You can not accept Christ without accepting his message and his ways.

          • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson


          • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson

            Google: Christian left.

        • Robert Jory

          For me, seeing a homosexual Christian woman is like seeing a black KKK member. Just boggles the mind.

          • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/kimberlyknight/ Kimberly

            I totally understand as it often baffles me. I vacillate as to whether or not I claim the name but I keep coming back because I know that Christ has been hijacked by politics of fear and loathing. I know a history of Christianity that has stood firmly on the side of the marginalized and I know a thriving community of Christians who are the graceful and faithful counterparts to the hateful, manipulative “Christians” that dominate the landscape and media. I invite you to check out my blog where I thrash around trying to figure out all this – sometime with grace and sometimes with rage.

          • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson


            “The hateful , manipulative right-wing ‘Christians’ that often dominate the landscape and media.” Although, I AM always surprised how most black churches are homophobic.

          • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson

            Rober t,

            Wrong. There’s no contradiction in a gay man or woman being a Christian; none whatsoever. I don’t know where you live, but here in S. FL, you would see many homosexuals being open in numerous Christian congregaytions.

        • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson


          Peace. Is calling yourself “a queer Christian” helping the liberal Christian cause?

      • Ed Kania

        This shows that the bible is full of inconsistencies and should be disregarded as the writers couldn’t even agree on their moral code thousands of years ago.

        I suppose some moderate christians just can’t let go of what they grew up with or what is culturally familiar.

        • MissArtyNutMeg

          Well, it is and it isn’t. Leviticus was written way before Christ, and details Mosaic Laws. Christians are supposed to believe that Mosaic Laws were fulfilled and replaced when Christ came. In other words, you’re supposed to know the Old Testament basically as background, but the Christian rules are in the New Testament. Anything Jesus said is supposed to trump anything in the Old Testament. They conveniently pick out the verses they want to beat people over the head with, knowing that most people won’t know the context of them, or likely not knowing or understanding it themselves.

          What I love is when so-called Christians claim they follow all the rules in the Bible. But as you said, it isn’t possible. If they were educated on their own professed faith, they’d know they don’t have to obey every verse.

          • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson


            Well put. Don’t forget that Jesus son of Joseph wrote none of the Bible. His 2nd Coming is now shedding light on many questions. Google: “7 Seals” revealed as ‘beyond Einstein theories’.

        • Stephen Odom

          Inconsistencies was partly why I became atheist. Of course it was also because religion has been the cause of every major civil rights issue in the world. Queers, women, Slavery, the Crusades, etc.

          • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson


            Of course, religion has NOT been the cause of every major civil rights issue in the world. That was a ridiculous statement you made. “Money is the root of all evils.” Slaves were not brought to the New World with any religious explanation, it was strictly a financial reasoning.

            Atheism is a lie that’s mostly promoted by those who see themselves as god. Science has proven GOD in many different ways, i.e. GOD=7_4 algorithm.

            WARNING! Now that the Christ has returned, “Everyone is judged according(74) to their actions.” – Rev 20:12-13

        • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson


          Thank GOD we are NOT going to “disregard the Bible”. Intelligent readers of Christian Scripture are well aware of the HUGE differences between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

          Are you an atheist? Did your parents raise you that way? GOD has been proven many ways through science. And the Christ has now returned to “Judge everyone according(74) to their actions.” – Rev 20:12-13

      • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson


        Letters of Saul/Paul. I AM always more comfortable with quoting Y’shua bar Yosef.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/kimberlyknight/ Kimberly

      Not all Christians :)

    • Grontalis von Dallius

      And also forget that Lot was whoring out his two daughters then later had incest with both his daughters. Yeah that is something they skip over every time there gay asses say something.

      • m4dd0g

        Actually, Lot’s daughter’s got him drunk and raped him when he was passed out. He didn’t have incest with them, they had incest with him.

        • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson


          Thanks for correcting him. I was going to get one of my Bibles out and reread that story because his take on it didn’t sound right at all.

      • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson


        You need to delete “their gay asses”; that’s vey inappropriate and offensive. Of course you don’t have to, but keep in mind that now that the Christ has returned, “Everyone is judged according(74) to their actions.” – Rev 20:12-13.

    • 5DmarkIII

      It would have taken care of Bill Clinton, so they would have been all for it in their usual selective way.

    • MissArtyNutMeg

      Leviticus isn’t even Christian.

      • David Ewers

        You do Know that refers to the Levites, and they were basically the priests back then?

    • Shevarash Arcla

      It fascinates me the number of women that are against homosexuality, talking about how “disgusting” it is. Yet they forget their opinion doesn’t matter:

      “I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.” 1 Timothy 2:12

    • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson


      The biblical David killed Goliath on the 40th day of the Philistine warrior challenging the Israelites and King David ruled for 40 years. The #40 is sacred to Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddha=40(B2+U21+D4+D4+H8+A1).

      The ancients observed the Planet Venus having a 40 year cycle with a 40 day regression.

    • A. Wyatt Mann

      That verse is from the Old Testament, the Book of Judaism. Christ’s laws are found within the New Testament.

    • Voice_of_Reason

      FUNDAMENTALIST Christians. FIFY.

  • Gigi

    Leviticus 20:9-10 states that mouthy children and adulterers should be killed as well. Does Mr. Esk support those passages as well, or just the ones that allegedly condemn gay people?

    Leviticus 20:9-10 “For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood shall be upon him.
    And the man that committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbour’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.”

    • Skyhollower

      Well Esk is sort of a mouthy child…so be it.

      I have never seen it, but has anyone come across a Psychologist’s analysis of Leviticus? I just see him as a lonely person sitting in a darkened room, drooling slightly as he carefully writes down, what I think we today would call a manifesto, by the light of a single candle. Is there that much of a difference between what Leviticus states and what some of these current mass shooters are writing about or making videos about? Is Leviticus just writing about what he wants to do or feels should be done to the people that bullied him, or rejected him? I have always found Leviticus to be a very weird, out of place part of the Bible.

      Take Leviticus, rewrite in modern language and send it to the police. I can guarantee you will have loud knocks on your door and be visiting the insides of a white room, in a white jacket with your arms crossed in the front, connected by straps across your lower back.

      • Gigi

        “Take Leviticus, rewrite in modern language and send it to the police.” I know right!

  • Pete Chiccarino

    The lady doth protest too much. Scott Esk radiates teh ghey.

  • Guest

    Another bang up, devolving, nutbag! These people aren’t to be discarded by the ‘thinkers’, but they must be monitored and exposed as the insane, bigoted people they are, and shamed on a public forum!

  • Ally

    Another bang up, devolving, nutbag! These people aren’t to be discarded by the ‘thinkers’, but they must be monitored and exposed as the insane, bigoted people they are, and shamed in a public forum!

  • ljpljpljp

    Scott, it was Adam and Eve and then their kids, Cain and Abel. So, how were all of the other people made after?

  • http://Www.theirishatheist.wordpress.com/ The Irish Atheist

    I have to point out, just because I’m a stickler for accuracy, that our rights DON’T come from the government. Neither do they come from a god. They come from the people. The government has no right to take away my unalienable rights anymore than the Bible does.

    In other news, just another vile Christian extremist. Hopefully he’ll keep himself in the limelight so the rest of the world can see what these people are like.

  • MilitantRubberDucky

    He thinks his god sends natural disasters because we don’t kill gay people. Perhaps his home town was ripped apart by a deadly tornado because we refuse to kill Scott Esk for being a wolf in Christian clothing? Bet he would suddenly be less supportive of individual biblical interpretation if we presented it that way.

  • Pingback: Translation | ENDABlog 2.0()

  • chair jackson

    the internet is a forum for all the idiots in the world to be heard–they have always been around–just not always so visible–i suppose we can view this as shining light on their darkness so it will be eliminated.

  • Edward Kimmel

    Within five verses of Leviticus 20:18, it also authorizes stoning to death for a variety of adulterous pairings. But, somehow, in Moore, OK, nobody is talking about stoning adulterers to death, possibly for fear of emptying out the county.

  • ScottInClearwater

    I’m glad the guy was honest. As a gay man, I want everyone to see what the GOP actually stands for. Don’t let them fool you with their silence or code words about “being for traditional marriage” or not believing in “special rights.” Thank you Scott Esk for revealing the true, ugly face of the modern day GOP.

    • MOM

      Scott, you make a very good point!

    • m4dd0g

      ummm … not all of the GOP. I’m registered as a Republican, tend to lean that way in my voting (though I do not vote party line), and I don’t believe in executing gays. But for the jackholes that go out and beat/rape/kill gays … they need to be punished. Severely.

      • ScottInClearwater

        Well m4d, let me thank you for being a paragon of restraint in the GOP for not believing in “executing gays.” I’m sure your radical stance has made you a very lonely person at the GOP conventions.

  • Nick

    What’s the difference between the Taliban and the Tea Party?
    About 7500 miles.

    • David Manhart

      No.. The Taliban wants to use the bible to impose current day law.. The Tea Party wants to… um.. ok, nevermind.

    • John Doeman

      What’s the difference between the Taliban and the Tea Party?

      one has US military weapons, intel, and zionist benefactors.

    • Grontalis von Dallius

      Agreed there is no difference between the two.

    • fry

      Body Mass Index and melanin density

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  • William Rebert

    Stoned to death? That’s gotta be one big bong! A god bong I guess.

    • Grontalis von Dallius

      And how will they hit a moving target? If some one is throwing rocks at me I am not going to just stand there and let them throw them at me. I may even throw them back at them so it will be a double stoning of who will win the stone throwing contest.

      • m4dd0g

        Generally, you are arrested and immobilized before you are stoned. Or a large enough crowd gathers and surrounds you.

  • Jeff

    He’s gay and hiding it. Pretty sure he’ll get caught in a bathroom or with an intern soon enough.

    • Daniel Masterson

      I’m sure he has the foot tapping signal down pat.

  • WSClark

    Methinks the boy doth protest a wee bit too much. I see a gay bar in his future.

  • Buddha Chris

    So I guess Mr. Esk is without sin and willing to cast the first stone. I wish someone would do some searching it his background and find out if he is righteous enough to be judging other so harshly.
    I’m also curious to find out if he is really crazy enough to literally (and I use the word literally, literally) stone another human being to death? Because no one else, including the most Orthodox of Jews take that part of the Tanakh literally anymore.
    These are the rantings of a religious extremist on par with the Taliban. A Christian Terrorist if you will.

  • Linderella

    I’m so sick and tired of vicious assholes like this guy being called closet cases. I don’t want him on my team! Why do we equate hatred with being gay? You’re insulting gay people.

    • NYLibGrrl

      I hear ya, but all too often it’s true. Self-loathing closet queens often cloak their own homosexual tendencies with hate.

      • Yasmin

        So classic textbook

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/kimberlyknight/ Kimberly

      I am also sick and tired of vicious assholes like this guy claiming the name Christian. I am doubly disappointed as a queer Christian.

  • Steve Lafrate

    I’m having trouble finding any endorsements for him from tea party groups. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

  • Pingback: Stone Gays to death in Oklahoma? One state senator’s down with ‘Biblical Law’ | Christian Bentzen()

  • Richard Bell

    And the best the local news can do is label these as “extreme” views?

  • Pingback: Tea Partier: We Would Totally Be in the Right to Stone Gays to Death (Video) | Americans Against the Tea Party()

  • 13 of Me

    I’ll say anything to get elected.

  • Deiloh

    How does one justify calling themselves pro-family and pro-life if they think murder is a dandy idea?

    • Grontalis von Dallius

      It boggles the mind doesn’t it?

    • http://masterceadeus.zzl.org Sam Gamgee

      Ha! Haaaaa! That’s hilarious. I give you… THE INTERNET!

    • Vince Pardue

      Typical hateful, homophobic, conservative Christian. In their minds, a
      fetus has more rights when it’s still in a women’s body because it’s a
      “precious unborn life”. As soon as the baby is born, it becomes a
      “burden to society” and these same so called Christians abuse these
      young children, sell them to families like they’re nothing more than
      cattle, and complain about having to provide food or food stamps,
      healthcare, or education. Those people are not Christians; they are
      Anti-Christs. You will know authentic Christians by their kindness and
      compassion for others. Anyone advocating murdering another person is no

      Matthew 7:3-5
      3 “Why do you look at the speck of
      sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your
      own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out
      of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You
      hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will
      see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

  • Pingback: Oklahoma Tea Party Candidate Supports Stoning Gay People to Death | The Fifth Column()

  • sdnative1958

    Here’s some snippets from his web site:

    “Frivolous divorce raised its ugly head in the Esk home, and I am still trying to reconcile with Pam (…) I have gotten in trouble with those who wanted me to compromise my principles on several occasions, and God has delivered me from all of those trials… including on one occasion being arrested on trumped-up charges (…) I look forward to applying Biblical principles to Oklahoma law (…) Concerning 1 of America’s biggest heath concerns: cancer…with God’s help, I don’t fear cancer because I have Vitamin B17 in my diet.”

    Oh, stay tuned for more news on THIS one.

    • Gigi

      Who needs doctors when you have Vitamin B17…and gawd.

    • Grontalis von Dallius

      Does he forget in his mind god made everything so god put the cancer in him to wake him up and stop being stupid? Nah he is to stupid to wake up from the fantasy world he is in.

    • Cpt_Justice

      I almost want to hear his definition of the words “frivolous” and “trumped up”. Almost.

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  • Gigi

    If Esk had a daughter, and his daughter was raped, would he pay the rapist $$$ and then force his daughter to marry the man who raped her? The Bible says should.

    “If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, he shall pay her father fifty shekels[a] of silver. He must marry the young woman, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives.” (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)

    • David WRGA

      Actually, the debt owed would be from the rapist to the father, so the *rapist* would pay the *father* $50. But either way, it’s a ludicrous notion.

  • Sam

    DICK!! just need some attention!

  • Daniel Masterson

    I believe it also says in the Bible that you can stone disrespectful children at the city gates. I hope his kids never give him any trouble. Asshat.

  • Daniel Masterson

    I’m pretty much convinced that Conservative Republicans are flat out anti-human.

    • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

      Then you must be pretty much completely stupid.

      • toni levit

        You agree with killing. What in your head could think that is a good human emotion. Murder is wrong.

        • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

          Abortion=murder. I’m no republican either.

          • toni levit

            You have a right to your opinion.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            It’s what liberals like to call “an inconvenient truth”

          • Carmelita Spats

            Abortion=murder then uterine ablations=child endangerment. Fuckwit.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            That is the most retarded thing I’ve read all day. Thank you, it’s early though.

        • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

          said the abortionist

  • Gerardo Villegas Gama

    John 8:7
    7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

  • Dave

    …..and divorce….you shall be stoned to death if you get divorced……so there goes almost 50% of the population. I think I will open up a rock quarry and make millions!

  • Pingback: Tea Party Candidate Scott Esk Supports Stoning Gay People To Death()

  • Dave

    And divorce…..you will get stoned to death for divorce…..so there goes 1/2 of the population. I will be opening up a rock quarry and become rich!

  • JohnBryansFontaine

    Scott Esk is a fellow traveler of the Nazis and the KKK.

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  • Ray Grandon

    Pedophilia[gay] is a brain disorder caused by mercury exposure says U of Florida so cure it and protect children from abuse as I blame the governments for allowing pollution.

    • toni levit

      Are you saying being gay is pedophilia?

      • Ray Grandon

        It’s in the same family of brain disorders.

    • Thorvington Finglethorpe

      Nonsense. “Gay” has existed for millenia, long before humans were using mercury for anything. Next stupid idea?

      • Ray Grandon

        Mercury has always been here, lately large ammounts have been found even in Florida, next denial.

        • Thorvington Finglethorpe

          Mercury has always been here, but that’s a far cry from saying the entire human race was exposed to it at levels that would “cause” homosexuality. In fact, prior to the industrial age, most human beings NEVER came in contact with mercury.

          So… Next stupid, unscientific idea you’re using to prop up your bigotry?

          • Ray Grandon

            How do you know humans never came into contact with mercury and i’m not a bigot for stateing facts but maybe your in denial for acting like you were born that way. I wish homo’s would seek help to return to normal and for the sake of children.

          • Thorvington Finglethorpe

            I didn’t say humans “never” came into contact with mercury, merely that routine exposure to it didn’t begin until a few hundred years ago.

            Honestly, I wish you would seek help: Most extreme homophobes are really closet-cases, FYI.

          • Ray Grandon

            I was druged and screwed by a legal pedophile and I’m trying to stop him but his best friends owned 98.4% of county when he abused me and he’s still abusing other children and law enforcement will do nothing and how do know when or how man was exposed to mercury

          • Thorvington Finglethorpe

            Hi… “Gay” and “Pedophile” still aren’t the same thing, regardless of whatever fake story you’re trying to push here. “Pedophile” means “enjoys sex with children.” “Gay” means “enjoys sex with someone of the same gender.”

            So someone could be a “gay pedophile,” but not all pedophiles are gay, and not all gays are pedophiles.

            In other words, you’re still nuts.

          • Ray Grandon

            If you can’t accept the facts of U of Florida study then you must have that brain disorder and I would never expect you to agree with the truth, in time all gays will become pedophiles or just lie about it and I know you know this but will never say it.

          • Ray Grandon

            That was no fake story as that legal pedophile is still abusing other children but I guess someone with that brain disorder would believe just like you. In time all gays become pedophiles.

      • Ray Grandon

        Some gays might like men but alot like children and you wouldn’t have to use mercury to be exposed to it.

    • Carmelita Spats

      LOL! Since we’re on the stupid train, let’s go full throttle on the crazy…What about supernatural incest? Since Father and Son are ONE, does that mean that Jesus inseminated his own mother? Ewww! Not even in Arkansas!

      • Ray Grandon

        The truth hurts some even those that do not care about children.

      • Ray Grandon

        I can’t help that your on the stupid train smarten up and open your mind to the truth.

  • Pingback: Peak Wingnut Is The Lying-est Lie Ever » Balloon Juice()

  • Benjamin Michael Portmann

    Read this, then I got to the name of the author. I used to practically worship a guide for Baldur’s Gate by a man with the same name. I was wondering if this was the same guy until i saw that he was a co-founder of “Firebrand” progressives. Yup, gotta be!

  • Pingback: Top 10 reasons not to vote Republican in 2014 | Bogus Brook()

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    when is he going to obey his babble, er, bible, and murder everyone who works on the Sabbath…… exodus 35;2

  • Pingback: Oklahoma Tea Party Candidate Thinks Gays Should Be Stoned to Death: VIDEO | shoutlook! | Your Ultimate LGBT Site | Gay Denver and Gay Colorado()

  • Ed Kania

    I may be stating the obvious, but Esk wasn’t going out on a limb with his interpretation of Leviticus. I’m not saying I support it, I’m saying the opposite. This is why religion is dumb. These morals are from the bronze age. I think the fundamentalists are just the people who haven’t moved past society. If you want to devote your life to a set of morals and you’re a well adjusted member of society, don’t use the bible. Don’t be a christian. This is the logical conclusion of living your life by those morals.

    Also, I love how christians quote leviticus as if it’s essential to their doctrine but when they claim Islam is a violent religion and you point out the similarities they’re quick to distance themselves from the old testament.

    • Larry Berry

      What I always get a kick out of, is whenever someone quotes that Leviticus line to denounce homosexuals, I will post a ton of other quotes from the bible that point out you should also stone to death women who are not virgins on their wedding days and anyone who works on the sabbath. Their response? “That’s from the old testament and doesn’t apply anymore”…. I haven’t determined yet if they actually don’t realize that the Leviticus line they quoted was also from the old testament or just choose to ignore that fact so they can pick and choose. My theory is that they actually haven’t read the bibles and instead only know about passages that support what they want to believe.

  • Marc

    John 8:7 “let him who is without sin cast the first stone”

    • LostSok

      You’re quoting the New Testament, which is the teaching’s of Jesus. Apparently, Scott Esk only values Jewish law. Weird for a Christian, but there it is…

  • David_in_Houston

    I had no idea that we as a society follow the (no longer applicable) passages from Leviticus. Oh, right. We don’t. Which makes Scott Esk even stupider than he seems to be. Is he even aware that there are a slew of “abominations” in Leviticus that require the death penalty? Why isn’t he promoting the stoning of children that backtalk their parents? I hope he doesn’t shave off that totally-not-gay goatee. Otherwise, he’ll be in violation of Lev. 19:27. He better not have a tattoo, either. God doesn’t seem to approve of such body desecration: Lev. 19:28.

    I don’t recall of there is a biblical passage regarding mothers that happen to drop there sons on their heads 15 times. But Scott might want to look into it.

  • Katharine Elizabeth Henry Alex

    Just as scary, the authors scoffing at the idea that our rights come from “God” instead of being granted by the government. Actually, the idea that we are all “created”equal and the government protects the rights we automatically have just for being born is one of THE principles our freedoms are founded on. Go with the idea that our freedoms are granted by whatever politician or organization is in power and you get douchebags like Esk writing away the lives of anyone they don’t like.

  • Guest

    Scott Esk announces his official LGBT policy:

  • WeddingChris

    What a disturbed idiot who takes the OLD testament as literal. What did Jesus say about homosexuality or eating pork or tattoos or eating shrimp or… shaving beards…. (silence)… yes that’s right… Jesus said NOTHING>

  • toujoursdan

    Good grief. Even the (Conservative and Orthodox) Jews who think Leviticus is binding don’t believe in stoning people anymore. Many Conservative shul welcome gay and lesbian couples, bless their relationship and ordain them as rabbis but ask that gay men don’t commit anal sex which is ALL those verses prohibit. Kissing, cuddling, oral sex and everything else is on the table.

  • Ivanno

    We are not in the middle east. So these types of comments or opinions don’t fit here in the US.

  • Dolph

    To quote a book about a fictional creator in order to use its fiction to rule over others and even kill is beyond ridiculous! I think maybe I will run for office and use the Harry Potter books as my guide to life. It is just as stupid an idea. Just because the Bible is an older work of fiction doesnt suddenly mean it suddenly became REAL ! Nor do the numbers that believe that fiction.

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  • Max Freeman

    So when can execute this nut bag for wearing mixed fabrics?

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  • Bizzaro Marx

    How is this guy Tea Party? Nothing on his site about Tea Party. Nothing in FB discussion about Tea Party. You guys took it at face value and didn’t ask the obvious. I asked Salon several times. No answer. I asked the Steve Esk thread on Twitter. Nothing, if I’m wrong, fine. This guy isn’t Tea Party as far as I can tell.

  • Chad F.

    Leviticus 19:16
    “‘Do not go about spreading slander among your people. “‘Do not do anything that endangers your neighbor’s life. I am the Lord.” I think Esk forgot to read this one

  • Pingback: Tea Party Candidate Says It’s OK To Stone Gays To DeathJobrny's World | Jobrny's World()

  • Anna

    That’s some pretty scary stuff there. It sounds as though his wife may have been the smart one in leaving.

  • Robert

    That last guy said it all, but in the wrong way. it should of been directed to the Bible as a whole and not the individual topic of death penalties for homosexuals. Either God is wrong about His morals or you have better morals than God does. It’s that simple.

  • Frederic

    Crazy monsters like this man is why secularism is so important for a civilized society.

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  • YoRpFiSh

    I, for one, would rather burn it all down and piss in the ashes as opposed to giving everything (anything) over to a psychotic christian theocracy.

  • Pingback: Tea Party Candidate Says It’s OK To Stone Gays To Death | Omaha Sun Times()

  • Alipius

    Esk seems to be a confused man who professes faith in God but apparently didn’t get the memo that since the death, resurrection and ascension of Christ love (not stoning people to death) is the fulfillment of the law. Sad… Thanks, Mr. Esk, for making it that much harder for every sane Christian!

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  • ScottB

    And people who work on Saturday. We’d totally be in the right to stone them to death, too.

  • Karivian

    He’s as much Tea Party as Westboro are Baptists. He also claims to be largely libertarian. You cannot be largely libertarian.
    If you do not abide by the core tenet of what it means to be libertarian, then you are
    not. No one has the right to initiate force/violence against another
    person. That is it. Putting someone to death for making choices in
    their personal life that do not initiate force or violence upon another
    person or their property is in fact an initiation of force.

    you choose to violate this principle, you put your life in the hands of
    your victim whether you believe as a libertarian does or not.

  • SmarterThanGlennBeck

    I’m officially calling for TEA party candidates to be stoned to death for violating the the commandments of Jesus Christ; “Do to others as you would have them do to you” – Luke 6:31 and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” – Mark 12:31

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  • Three Dollar Bill

    IS THE REASON WE FLED OKLAHOMA ! – Uganda “Kill the Gays Bill”,
    Scott Lively, visits Sally Kern & Steve Kern and the “Oklahoma
    Patriot Pastors” and is supported by Sen. James Inhoax, Dr. Tom
    Co-pay, Mary F..k up, and the list goes on and on…

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  • Matt Alberds

    He also seems to misunderstand the section of Romans he is reading which points out god made those people homosexual as a punishment. So he is saying we should punish people for things his god made them do.

  • chillinout.

    We should be putting people like Esk to death

    • Carmelita Spats

      No. That would be violent. I say Esk be given a Biblical marriage to an overstuffed Southern Baptist church lady in desperate need of a tolerable haircut from a recent decade.

  • Pingback: Tea Party Candidate Says It’s OK To Stone Gays To Death | LatinOPen()

  • Marco Cherrono

    In my bible, Nutcases 2:31 Those named Scott Esk who throw bible versus around willy nilly, should be forced to watch gay sex until the the evil of hatred is squeezed out of their soul. Now should I have the right to do that? Uh, why not?

  • Ray Grandon

    If religion were true it would not have been forced on Africans or Indians. Pedophilia[gay] is a brain disorder caused by mercury exposure says U of Florida so cure it to protect children from abuse as I blame the governments for allowing polution to continue!!!

  • Pingback: Tea Party Candidate Says It's Okay to Stone Gays to Death - Christian Forums()

  • Cdb Spender

    Isn’t that a DEATH THREAT?

    Scott Esk MADE A DEATH THREAT!!!

    Will he be arrested for making DEATH THREATS?

    Of course not, politicians are above the law!

    If I made a death threat to him guess where I would be living tonight.

  • Pingback: Of course, I have to post about the idiot candidate in Oklahoma who thinks that gays should be stoned to death! – VIDEO | Holes in the Foam()

  • Bojorco

    So he no longer supports that amendment to the state constitution outlawing Sharia?

  • Pingback: If given the choice, I choose this tea party over the one that advocates killing gay people. | Matthew Dicks()

  • Denton Graham

    I think straight people should be stoned to death. After all, the straights are the ones who have made this world so rotten!

  • Denton Graham

    BTW, eating ham and shrimp is a sin!

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  • Michael

    If we are going to do this lets not go half way. Stoning is also required for,

    For touching Mount Sinai, Exodus19:13
    For taking “accursed things”, Joshua 7:1-26
    For cursing or blaspheming, Leviticus 24:16
    For adultery (including rape victims who fail to scream loud enough), Deuteronomy 22:23-24
    For animals (that kill a human), Exodus 21:28
    For a woman who is not a virgin on her wedding night, Deuteronomy 22:13-21
    For worshipping other gods, Deuteronomy 13:5-10
    For disobeying parents Deuteronomy, 21:18-21
    For witches and wizards Leviticus 20:27
    For giving your children to Molech, Leviticus 20:2
    For breaking the Sabbath Numbers, 15:32-56
    For cursing the king, 1 Kings 21:10
    So either “really” get behind your magic book or stop all of this nonsense.

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  • http://7seals.yuku.com/ Brad Watson

    “Thou shall not kill.” – Commandment of GOD

    Jesus son of Joseph said nothing about homosexuality. He did say, “Love another” and “Treat your neighbor as you would want them to treat you.”

    I AM reminded of the bumper sticker, “The Christian Right is neither.”

    The Christ has returned and produced the “book/scroll…sealed with 7 seals”/’beyond Einstein theories’ (google that).

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  • disqus_nHUrbMsDy4

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Screw Leviticus and Romans, if your are a Christian, you should be following what Christ said FIRST and FOREMOST. And if Mr. Esk says he is not a sinner, then he is sinning by lying.

  • Matt Markonis

    Mr Esk should be barred from public office for life for advocating homicide against U.S. persons, indicted for hate speech, and investigated for criminal incitement. The limits on free speech can and should apply not only equally, but more stringently to politicians and their vicious, hysterical constituencies!

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  • Voice_of_Reason

    I’m a conservative and I think that the Pope is correct.

    It is clear that large parts of the Bible are allegorical. furthermore, the Bible contradicts itself in multiple places. Also, it has been translated multiple times and literal translations often change meaning. Therefore, any fundamentalist who claims to have the one true understanding of the Bible because they take the “literal word of God” is deluding himself.

    As other posters have pointed out, the Bible also calls for death for adulterers. No one takes that literally anymore.

    IMO, many of the prohibitions in the Bible were health related, from a time when people did not understand the germ theory of disease but saw certain acts and foods were associated with certain types of diseases.

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