List Of Colleges With Gender Neutral Housing

In the United States of America, 18 is considered the age of majority. Once reached, one can sign a contract, consent to sex, and so on. However, college students in nearly every institution in the nation are only able to live with their own gender on campus despite being adults. Per usual course,  conservatives have no substantial answer when challenged to confront their biases. Besides the personal freedom issue, forced single-sex housing causes demonstrable harm to LGBT students.

However, the silver lining reveals itself in the fact that gender neutral housing is fast becoming more common. As of this writing, here is the full list of colleges and universities that have gender neutral residence options, broken down by state:



California Instittue of Technology

Humboldt State University

Mills College

University of California – Riverside

University of California – Berkeley

Pitzer College

San Diego State University

Stanford University



Colorado College



University of Connecticut

Wesleyan University


District of Columbia

The George Washington University



Grinnell College



University of Southern Maine



University of Maryland – College Park

University of Maryland – Baltimore County



Brandeis University

Clark University

Hampshire College

Salem State University

Tufts University

Harvard University



Eastern Michigan Unviersity

University of Michigan

Wayne State University



Washington University in St. Louis


New Hampshire

Dartmouth College


New York

Bard College

Ithaca College

New York University

Pratt Institute

Sarah Lawrence College

Skidmore College

SUNY Purchase

Syracuse University


North Carolina

Warren Wilson College

Guilford College



Columbus College of Art and Design

Oberlin College

Ohio University



University of Tulsa



Lewis and Clark College

Oregon State University

Portland State University

Reed College

Willamette University



Carnegie Mellon University

Haverford College

Muhlenberg College

Swarthmore College

University of Pennsylvania


Rhode Island

Brown University



Rice University



Bennington College

Goddard College

University of Vermont



Evergreen State College

Whitman College


Now, I’ll leave it up to you to observe what most of those states have in common. In fact, many colleges on the list are known for their unabashed progressive leanings. Sadly, this list is not enough; as a nation, we can do better than this to protect our LGBT students and allow all adult college students freedom of choice. As a student, parent, or alumni, your voice is stronger than you think. Contact your school’s housing department and agitate for the common sense solution to move into the 21st century by freeing students to room with whatever gender they wish.

For more information and to support gender neutral housing, check this campaign out.

Photo: SUNY Purchase residence life

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