35 Top Excuses for What Happened to the 29,999,000 People Who Didn’t Show Up for Operation American Spring

Operation American Spring was supposed to be a historic event, a day of revolution and taking back the good ol’ USA and making it a real country again. We’re not entirely sure what Tea Party types mean by “taking back our country” but we assume it has something to do with a black, Muslim liberal who was born in Kenya being in the White House, and that’s just not okay with them. And today was to be the day where a bunch of angry old white men chased him out of office. And anywhere from 10 to 30 million people were supposed to show up for this monumental event.

I watched the live stream from the event today, and watched as the gathering grew from about 100 people to maybe a thousand, and that’s being generous, like giving a bad golfer a big handicap. I kept seeing the same freaking people in the live stream video, even as they wandered from place to place. And one of them was rather aggravated that the turnout was so poor, which was followed up by a lady who claimed that the others were all trapped at campgrounds in the area due to flood waters. Right. Or maybe they all had flat tires.

Or maybe they didn’t show up for one of the below reasons. Here are the top 35 excuses for the missing 29,999,000 freedom-loving patriots who were nowhere to be found today.

1. President Obama ordered FEMA to round them up and put them all in concentration camps.

2. President Obama declared martial law and ordered them to be herded and executed.


4. It’s meth-cooking season, so couldn’t leave their meth labs.

5. They all went to Washington state, instead of Washington D.C.

6. They used Apple Maps and ended up protesting in a corn field in Iowa.

7. They couldn’t figure out a way to get there without using a government-built road.

8. Cliven Bundy’s cattle was blocking the roadways.

9. It was national discount day at Golden Corral.

10. There were too many puddles to navigate around.

11. The 15 or so big rig drivers who showed up for Truckers for Truth back in October are still clogging up the interstates in the area.

12. They tried to make signs to bring to the protest, but couldn’t get all the words spelled right in time to show up.

13. They were all looking for that Ben Ghazi fella they always hear about on Fox News.

14. They found out that neither Ted Cruz nor Sarah Palin would be there, and didn’t bother.

15. COPS was being filmed in their trailer park that day and didn’t want to miss an opportunity to be on television.

16. There was a Duck Dynasty marathon on A & E all day.

17. They couldn’t get their tractors started.

18. They couldn’t miss their weekly KKK meeting.

19. Same reason why every other previous battle for freedom and liberty was halted – it rained.

20. Saw a rainbow over Washington, and turned around, thinking that getting near it might make them gay.

21. They were given ultimatums by their cousins that they’d break up with them if they left for a day or two.

22. They all accidentally shot themselves.

23. Had to stay home to defend their trailer parks from a rumored Bureau of Land Management takeover.

24. Washington-area stores ran out of Twizzlers, so they panicked and went back home.

25. Cliven Bundy gave a live lecture on the Negro on the same day, couldn’t miss the chance of being enlightened.

26. Found out that Washington-area liquor stores don’t carry Old Milwaukee or Pabst Blue Ribbon.

27. Illegal to ride lawn mowers on the streets of Washington.

28. They couldn’t find their teeth, and they don’t go out without them.

29. If you count the voices in the heads of the people who showed up, there were 30 million people there.

30. It’s square dance night at the VFW hall, and they promised their sisters they’d take them.

31. Got caught up at Waffle House, had their buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

32. Their dogs were in heat.

33. Can’t leave Cliven Bundy’s ranch quite yet.

34. They were all raptured.

35. Their government disability checks weren’t enough to get them to Washington, which is all Obama’s fault.

About Dan Simpson

Dan Simpson is a liberal political blogger who has written for various websites and is the co-founder of Firebrand Progressives.
  • EmphasisII

    This is my favorite!

    “COPS was being filmed in their trailer park that day and didn’t want to miss an opportunity to be on television.”

  • Desertmer

    Mean mean mean….. And hysterically funny!!!! I do feel sorry for these folks though. They are obviously seriously depressed and unhappy. Too bad it is likely mostly of their own making. Dwelling on racial hatred, homophobia, immigrant hatred and right wing fire and brimstone religion will do that to a person….

    • Brenden Donaldson

      what they need to feel better is a short drop and quick stop.

    • DKelleyM

      In all seriousness, it’s the fault of FOX and their irresponsible ‘news’ reporting. They’ve lied to these poor folks so long, targeted the least educated of Americans to pound these vicious lies into, made them believe awful things about their government, and pulled the wool over their eyes about the republicans and TPartiers who are screwing them sideways. It’s the right-leaning media pundits slinging their garbage that will have to answer one day for these failed attempts at inciting treason and sedition.

  • Jim Trebowski

    Cliven Bundy’s cattle blocking the roadways…lol

  • Jim Trebowski

    And don’t forget….”they’re landlocked in their camps”.

  • Russel Ray Photos

    My favorite was #7: 7. They couldn’t figure out a way to get there without using a government-built road.

  • sugarglitz

    i say # 20 is the best.. them darned rainbows…hehehe..

    • Fran Foster Blasquez

      My favorite too.

    • DKelleyM

      How these old geezers must run from rainbows….

  • badbadperson

    The good thing about this failed protest is that it led me to this website. I will be checking it out over the next couple weeks….

  • Ladyirish317

    They threw a Tea Party and nobody came!

  • http://hintswithhunches.blogspot.com/ Patrick Doyle

    Uhm. Excuse me, Dan. But there’s a number of errors in your reporting, to wit:
    1) They couldn’t be in concentration camps because they lost the ability to concentrate by watching Fox news, Commie.
    2) Obama can’t just declare someone to be married. You have to be extra nice to your sister and go to another state first.
    3) For your information, Mr. Know-It-All,Meth season doesn’t start until AFTER the 1st full moon but BEFORE the whisky-squeezin’s are done fermentin’.
    4) Not One of us…I mean them – not one of them went to Washington State. But a couple of us..(ahem)..them do have 4-5 months of communitee college under our belts.
    5) Everyone know that apples have seeds, not maps. Get yer facts straight, pinko.

    • Dan Sears

      Haha community college hugh im sure you cant even make a point. you went to some satanic Harvard college where you were taught 2 +2 = 5 and tell me one thing I said that wasn’t accurate you bend over for illegals I hope you guys pay up as for obama said” no more deportations” and let out thousands of sex offenders… who cares.. war in Ukraine.. who cares… vice president Biden’s son on the Ukraine gas company “who cares” I bet you were never told that information. Get your facts straight! You guys are all brainwashed keep watching CNN goverment controlled propaganda!

      • Jared Hefley

        CNN is the faux nooz of the left..,pure entertainment. And still more news than faux.

        • DKelleyM

          I’m completely off CNN anymore… Somebody must have told them they were being too biased so they decided to go off the deep-end on both sides! It’s so frigging confusing, I have to check what channel I’m watching to see if someone accidentally put it on FOX or MSNBC. I don’t WANT someone’s opinion on the news, I’ll form my own damn opinion!! I’ve started watching Aljazeera America. NO BIAS! Just news.

          • Jean Oltvedt

            I think they’ve gone pure tabloid TV on us. I cannot stand all the ‘breaking news’ which isn’t breaking or news. It’s boring but, at least, middle of the road so there isn’t an obvious political agenda.(That is, unless you are far right, then it is too liberal or if you are far left, it’s too conservative.) I need to check into Aljazeera.

        • Dan Sears

          Jared I dont follow “fox”.. it is republican talking points that mean nothing for the people.. rep dont stand for anything and I used to be a democrat before they let all these illegals in here and Nancy Pelosi washing the illegals feet I bet CNN didn’t cover that.. bc they need the votes We need a third party.. all I see for dems is anti gun .. anti religion and pro illegals.. dont you know that once they give them amnesty they will take your job??? I hope you guys know that!! Its all about cheap labor..

          • dopper0189

            Yeah I’m sure you were a Democrat BEFORE LBJ….

        • Dave Lanson

          You’re half right. But CNN is the Faux Nooz of those who don’t care about the news.

      • DKelleyM


      • Alex Vogel

        BWA hahaha Dan that’s a good one. You even misspelled your words just like a typical dimwitted Tealiban Party Homophobic Racist Misogynistic Inbred Trailer Dwelling douche canoe would. They’re so stupid they don’t even realize they’re a pathetic joke made up by Michael Moore to destroy the GOP in ways the Left never could !

      • Guest

        please define : satire.

      • http://hintswithhunches.blogspot.com/ Patrick Doyle

        I’m not going to respond to you because I hate it when people use one long sentence and aren’t even clear about what they’re rambling on about and it makes me sick that all these problems started in this country because of the young people and their music and hair and the tattoos and piercings and all the skateboarding and in WWII I wasn’t afraid of those godless Nazis and I’m not afraid of those punks who hang around the Ihop and taxes and Hey! You kids get the hell off my lawn!

      • L1011

        Satanic Harvard college, i think you are a fake.

      • Reinholds Klinefelter

        You are either a genius with satire or you are incredibly stupid…

    • Judith Moss

      Brilliant. Patrick, you should write for Letterman.

      • James Ritchie

        Yes, he should. He’s just as stupid as Letterman. Why are you guys even on here? Don’t you have any food stamps left?

        • Benjamin Eugene NElson

          At least his post took some effort unlike your little shitpost here.

  • RiverMikeRat

    I saw no more than 50 different people in their group on the feeds I watched.

  • Falcon84

    See that guy who was screaming in the camera “WHERE ARE YOU! WE ARE HERE!”. He seemed the right type: uneducated, ignorant, angry, white. (I am white, BTW).

    It shows that the real nutjobs are just a small fringe who won’t tell you the real reason for this-because there’s a black guy with a funny name in the WH. But The Nazi’s were a fringe, too. Problem is, the GOP actually LISTENS to these nuts. And finally, you have to be vigilant of such groups. Keep the light shining on them, and they’ll never get anywhere. The song “The Prophet’s Song” by Queen ends with this line, and it should remind us to be vigilant: “But still I fear and still I dare not laugh at the Mad Man.”

    • Dan Sears

      Wow ur racist against ur own race.. no wonder liberalism is a mental disorder ud rather sell ur country out to illegals and wellfare till they suck u dry.. u obviously don’t work bc if u did ud have a brain!

      • Rainbow Brite

        I’m guessing that if you work it’s not at any place that requires a brain, because you have no idea how to spell. Your picture looks like you’re still in high school, and I’m thinking any tax dollars spent on your education are being wasted. And if you could explain how he’s being racist by accurately describing a group of people, I’d love to hear it. If I called you a brain dead, ignorant, backwoods, redneck, white teen, would that be racist?

        • Dan Sears

          First off im not a teen second if you had a picture I could definitely imagine what you would look like..rainbow brite??? Ill see how your kids will get an education with common core.. im sure you have no clue what it is but because libs go along with anything just to fit in.. I call you CATTLE!!

          • DKelleyM

            And I call you a paid troll. SHUT UP!

          • Doreen Schneckenburger

            Really, you need to get an education before you post. You simply sound ignorant since you don’t use correct grammar or punctuation. Maybe Common Core will do better than whatever method you supposedly learned under. Or, did you not go to school?

        • Ryan potter

          Oh! dude you did not just dis his spelling…that’s just taking it too far man..and btw brains do a lot more than spell.. also could you read and understand what he said? and if not, then you should work on your critical thinking bro. #Lumosity #Tryit

      • Aj Beamish

        Wow, you’re not even going to try and disprove numbers 12 & 29, are you, Goober?

      • InnerConflicts

        You dating your cousin is a mental disorder.

      • Dave Lanson

        I admire your use of a written language that is similar to English but without the inconvenience of spelling and punctuation. Well done, Boo Radley.

    • DeLiRon

      Reason #36… There at home reading liberal blogs and typing stupid shit in the comments…

      • Aj Beamish

        First, it’s they’re (they are). Second, EPIC FAIL.

        • DeLiRon

          They’re still stupid…

      • InnerConflicts

        And once they post something then they sign out and back in as someone else so it seems like people agree with them :-)

    • L1011

      Well since the democrats have most of the sane, the GOP these days will whore themselves out to anyone remaining. So it’s almost kind of comical watching them try to unify the super-rich with the fundamentalist christians, the rednecks, the hillbillies, the racists, and the conspiracy theorists.

      • Negative Nancy

        All of those people have one thing in common: they are ignorant, paranoid, and are used to being told what to do and what to think. They are gullible and are SUPER easy to manipulate into voting against their own interests. That’s why the GOP and the super-rich just love ‘em: they truly are useful idiots.

  • Marcus Leikam

    Wait, there are Waffle Houses with BUFFETS?!?! Why am I not there right now? (Note: you may think I’m kidding with this, but no. I am very, very serious. I have been to hundreds of Waffle Houses in my life, but not one of them has ever offered a buffet)

    • Jeffrey Sabo

      Hey, wait a darned minute. I am a Liberal and I like Waffle House. Where else can one find a serving of Hash Browns with so many items included? And not too many restaurants serve Belgium Waffles freshly prepared. And at a good price.

  • Dan Sears

    Hey libs hows the economy doing under obama.. I bet you still blaming bush! and the reason people didn’t show up is because we all know we live in a dictatorship.. what you think the 1.5 billion rounds of ammo DHS just ordered.. u think protesting will do anything???

    • Aj Beamish

      The economy is as it always is under a Democrat. Fucktons better than it has been under any douche-nozzle Republican.

    • Kara Altman

      Please, for the sake of the rest of us…do not reproduce…

      • Dan Sears

        Please take a flu shot and give it to your kids also its good for you!!

        • L1011

          Okaaaaaay, now we have a better idea of your level of insanity. So here is my advice, wrap you head tightly in thick aluminum foil, trade in your paper money for gold, build a bunker and stock it with canned goods, and move in and don’t leave for 50 years.

    • InnerConflicts

      We are a war-mongering country. We are always purchasing ammo.

      • DKelleyM


    • DKelleyM

      Blah, blah, blah, troll, troll, troll…..get a job, get a job, get a girlfriend, get a girlfriend…and good luck with that…

    • Doreen Schneckenburger

      The economy is steadily improving – know what you are talking about before you post. And yes, Bush has a lot to do with the mess we’ve found ourselves in. Waging illegal wars costs billions of dollars and we’re paying for it now. The mess he made is not going to be magically corrected overnight.

    • Hob Boner

      Dan are you one of those stupid ignorant people that believe economical changes can happen overnight, it took Bush seven years to run the American economy into the ground but he did it. Two unpaid for wars, one of which was a war of choice, he continued with Reagens deregulation of the financial markets, gave the wealthiest Americans two huge tax breaks during wartime something so irresponsible that no US president has ever done this before, I guess you forgot that in 2008 when Bush was President 2.6 million jobs were lost in that one year, the biggest job loss since the 1930’s. In Bush 8 years of office he had one of the worst job creation records of any modern day President, in fact there were more new jobs created in 2010 during the Obama administration then the entire 8 years of the Bush administration. Yet republicans like yourself rewrite history and believe that the great recession of 2008 started the next year the exact day Obama walked into the White House. The problem is that recessions don’t heal overnight it takes time, but when you have a party that sets forth an agenda too block every piece of legislation from the get go because they wanted to make Obama a one term President, and then they blame Obama because of the slow recovery well then that party is working against Americas best interest.

      • manting

        I agree with you but it was Clinton who repealed Glass Steagall which directly lead to the super banks and their overly complex credit default swaps.

    • Davis Goodman

      Protesting will make a difference … if people actually show up. This says a lot about a small fringe group of loud talking haters who talk and talk but ultimately do nothing. Couch potato haters.

    • L1011

      Do you even know, or care, that when Bush took office, he was warned by Paul Volker TWICE to get a handle on the housing market, because after the tech bubble burst, which wasn’t an artificial bubble, that the housing market would balloon into an artificial bubble, and he did practically nothing. Bush could have prevented, or at the very least, greatly minimized the impact, if he had listened to Volker and taken action in his first term. Then to make matters worse, he kicked off two wars and gave tax cuts to the rich. It was a recipe for disaster. Then you have the nerve and/or lack of intelligence to blame Obama, when the GOP’s solution is to give more tax cuts to the rich? It’s frightening that you not only vote, but can spew your garbage to others that may vote.

  • Grand1

    And the winner is…#29

  • Brian Loudermilch

    The Teabagger Wingnut estimates were Totally Accurate.
    It really was between 10 and 30 Million.
    10 – As in the Number that comes after 9.

  • John Doe

    WOW! All of you talking truly hateful & degrading things about these good Americans which you know nothing about, YOU are what’s wrong with this country! You say conservatives are intolerant, but your statements are the definition of intolerance and hate! You are seriously misguided and IGNORANT people… they’ve pulled the wool over your unseeing eyes successfully! OUR RIGHTS ARE BEING TAKEN BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU ALL!!! Ha, all of you prove evolution to be false, DUMBED DOWN SHEEP!!!

    • InnerConflicts

      Actually, I am goat.

      • kfunk937

        I luvs me some goats!

    • InnerConflicts

      I tuned in to watch because I like to be informed and learn from others. There was one or two things I had questions about so I made the mistake of actually asking them. For my troubles I was laughed at, mocked, and name-called for being “ignorant”. If I were involved in a movement and anyone had a question…I would actually answer them… I hope that most of you here would as well. We are all humans on other side of these screens and keyboards. Now, I only have one question: I wonder why the tea party doesn’t have more supporters? They seem like such nice people.

      • Dave Lanson

        They’re very nice people who print very nice racist picket signs and very nicely spread hatred of the poor, disabled, seniors, gays, women and anyone else who conflicts with their myopic view of the world.

    • Theresa Roberts

      “OUR RIGHTS ARE BEING TAKEN BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU ALL!!! ” Seriously ? I don’t see the Left crawling up our vaginas and into our bedrooms, they are actually trying to get EVERYONE out of them, from fondling to birthing..I don’t see the Left taking food our of the mouths of babies and the poor. I don’t see the Left telling us what we can buy..I don’t see the Left telling women, the very people who gave up their bodies, their health, nine months of sickness and pain, says of labor, or months of recovery from being split from hip to hip, to get your ungrateful asses in this World so you can turn around and tell them they are lesser human beings, that should grateful men find them worthy of rape , abuse, or find them enough of a commodity they can sell them on Craig’s List.. The same women you want and demand to provide the same work as men, for pennies, while they are struggling to support the very babies, the Right forced them to have, that the MEN who made them and are so much smarter and superior ,abandoned them with, to deal with and raise on their own, penniless…(breath) I don’t see the Left telling our people that they don’t deserve a living wage for keeping this country in business. I see the Left telling us we deserve a Right to be Free, in our choices, in our ability to have homes, education, the ability to live our own lives and make our own personal decisions.I don’t see the Left shoving their Religious Beliefs and Persecution down the throats of the country that was founded on the Freedom and Separation of such religions.This is not, nor was it EVER a Christian Nation,THIS country was founded to be a Christian, Protestant, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, Islamic, Pagan, Wiccan, …etc etc etc country..

      For your INFORMATION (TRUTH) IT IS your “Right” who is taking this Country hostage and stripping away the VERY ideas this country was founded on.!!!

      • Doreen Schneckenburger

        Amen, Theresa! Wonderful come back to the ignorant post by John Doe (obviously, he doesn’t dare use his real name when he spews such nonsense).

        • Dave Lanson

          I think his real name is John Q. Public and he lives in Anytown, USA. That and John Doe are the names of true cowards who aren’t afraid to spew crap, but don’t want to be linked to those opinions.

      • DKelleyM

        Honey, you stay mad as hell, because we need you badly, now and in 2016. We’re going to have a woman president, and the women of this country are going to show the republicans what happens when they try to show up in our bedrooms, or our doctor’s offices, telling us to get behind the men, or pressing that cross against our foreheads.

      • kickapoogirl

        Well Said! I am so sick of the religious wrong throwing this country back into hell.

      • Harbinger08

        Go, Theresa! That’s the way to answer fumbling stupidity with righteous eloquence.

      • manting

        actually Theresa we did have bloomberg telling NYers what they could drink – remember the soda size thing? Besides that Im with you.

    • elceecee

      Oh my bad John. Of course we should be nothing but tolerant of people threatening to overthrow the elected government because it didn’t go their way. These people deserve all the scorn heaped on them. It is only because they are so clearly deluded that they are allowed to mouth off. If your rights were really being taken away, you all would be locked up in your imaginary FEMA camps. Now be a good boy and take your meds.

    • DKelleyM

      You don’t believe in evolution? I’m so shocked! Seriously, we’re talking about a group of armed (probably) people who wanted to march into D.C. and remove the President, take over the government so they could insert their own ‘president’ and their own government, and their own laws to govern US, whether we liked it or not, and you’re calling US hateful and intolerant?? Saying that YOUR rights are being taken away because of US?? I’m so sorry that you didn’t get your chance to take over the government and force your laws and beliefs on me. So sorry, but that ain’t happenin’, bud, not EVER! Not in this country!

    • Karen Tuttle

      Tell me, what rights you have lost because of this president?Pretty sure you are not going to be able to tell me any.

  • InnerConflicts

    They were giving away velvet Elvis paintings down at the Woolworths.

    • aloharob

      AND the poker playing dogs!!

    • DKelleyM

      Good one.

  • George Keller

    Hay I just had an idea !!!! Maybe Rush could write a book on the Spring Uprising. Just think another award winning book in the making. It’s just hard to imagine how delusional these people must be.

    • Dave Lanson

      You mean maybe Rush could hire someone to write a book under his name. Actual writing would take time away from Limbaugh’s precious hobbies of eating large amounts of food and consuming mass quantities of OxyContin and hydrocodone.

  • Wingnuts_rockin_a_HS_degree

    #5. Went to Washington state… :-P

  • Gene Gilliam

    A bunch went to the Mall, and spent their time shopping the catalog at Sears. Then they met in the parking lot and an impromptu NASCAR race broke out. They all crashed since not one of them was willing to turn left.

  • Jean Oltvedt

    Not to be hateful or anything, but what do you think the combined IQ is for these people? And would it have changed much if the other 29,999,000 had come?

    • Dave Lanson

      I’m sure the average IQ would have plummeted if all 30 million had shown up.

  • susan slater

    Fact, the delusional sociopaths with a ride, did show up!

  • Cheyenne

    It’s Obama’s fault. He made it rain.

  • Joy A Morgan

    Just ask Nancy Grace,,She knows EVERYTHING

  • Rob

    “We’re not entirely sure what Tea Party types mean by “taking back our country”


  • Erik Kenney

    Whoever authored this should have gone with jerky instead of ‘twizzlers’ in #24.

  • James Ritchie

    What a lowlife, stupid, arrogant fool of a writer. But I’ll give you one more reason why a lot of us didn’t show up. We have just over a hundred members at a local shooting range, and we thought about going for all of five minutes, and then decided not to. Why> Because we aren’t liberal airhead, lowlife, socialist, per verted takers who think such marches will do any good.

    We’re long, long past that stage. No more walks, no more meeting, no more protests. You can laugh, you can write moronic, inaccurate, stupid articles, but here’s the real reason many of us didn’t attend.

    It’s time to stop talking and to start shooting. Period.

    • Psycho Gecko

      I’d advise you that you’re as much of a traitor as the Confederate ancestors you worship, but why should I be worried? You couldn’t even bother to show up to a demonstration in D.C. without having to lug your guns along.

    • Harbinger08

      You do that, and they will make short work of you. Count on it. The vast majority of Americans will sign in relief or applaud. Don’t you understand that the only reason the BundyNutz are all even alive is that the Feds are being nice and don’t want to massacre a bunch of white right wingers. And are you one of those that thinks that liberals don’t own guns? Most Democrats aren’t for taking everyone’s guns away, but just know that some resonable control and safeguards are the way to go. And we don’t waste our time as gun worshipping fetishists. But you guys just keep passing the gun lube around your little circle and getting off on your delusional fantasies.

    • manting

      wow big talk on the internet. Start shooting and see what happens, I give you all of about 5 minutes before you are dead or surrendered with you pants full of feces. This is after you most likely shoot several women and children just like all the other big talking tiny penis gun nuts out there who’ve never seen combat.

  • Nelson

    Soooo how much were you paid by Washington to write this article?

  • Patty Cita

    Mustve been written by Obama the racist and his Man wife…gawd

  • Gene Alan Olson

    Good job Dan. You are a fucking idiotic assholistic moron.

  • Christopher Jannette

    lol national discount day at Golden Corral, they do know their audience.

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  • RoyShastid

    I vote for #29

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  • Negative Nancy

    The batteries in their mobility scooters shorted out in all that rain.

  • manting

    waffle house doesnt have a buffet but it does have hash browns served scattered, smothered, covered, diced, chopped, and chunked.

  • Floyd

    I felt the first few were priceless.
    Then I got to #29, and I chortled.

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  • delbertballing

    Mr. Simple move to Russia! Oh, wait a minute, we are all most there. Never mine!

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